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HCLTech – Sonic Branding

HCLTech is a leading global information technology services and consulting company with a newly established visual identity and brand system. To create a more memorable and engaging brand experience and strike deeper connections with their customers, HCLTech engaged Plimsoll to develop their Sonic Branding. Plimsoll composed a Sonic Signature, supporting Beam Behavior Effects and a Hero Theme for HCLTech to use throughout their high-profile marketing initiatives.

Sonic Signature

At the core of HCLTech’s brand, they’re Supercharging Progress. We leveraged the traits of optimism and pragmatism to develop HCLTech’s Sonic Signature. It’s a short, upbeat sound that evokes a sense of hope and excitement that complements HCLTech’s brand personality.

Beam Behaviors Effects

As an extension of its brand personality, HCLTech’s Beam Behaviors are upbeat, each with a unique sense of purpose and meaning. These are longer, more complex sounds that evoke the different nuances of HCLTech’s brand personality.






Hero Theme

The Hero Theme is a powerful piece of music that creates a sense of excitement and momentum and brings Supercharging Progress to life. The track operates as an extension of the Sonic Signature and incorporates elements of the Beam Behaviors Effects to pair perfectly with testimonial or brand videos.