We’re passionate about creating innovative and engaging content that drives results.

Our Services

Branding, print, and digital communications.
Systems integration, website, and software development.
Filmic video production and motion graphics.

Meet Our Team

Having worked together for over 17 years, we've developed a shorthand that enables us to do a lot with a little.

Ben Wydra


Problem-solver, ideator, and strategist for agency operations and client projects.

Ben Geier


Creative director, curator of agency aesthetic, and developer of pretty pictures.

Lauren Purdy


Client services extraordinaire, master of organization, and keeper of many spinning plates.

Todd Geier


Programming wizard, technical Swiss Army Knife, and architect of zeros and ones.

Gurobi Optimization
CDK Global
Hitachi Solutions
Tata Consultancy Services
Office Revolution

Based in Batavia, Illinois, Plimsoll works closely with its clients to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that meet their specific goals.

Whether you need help developing a new brand identity, creating a website, or producing engaging video content, we can help.

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